We are a family company that design and manufacture CNC-lathes and deep hole drilling machines under the brand STOREBRO, which means advanced high quality production machinery. Our vision is to create long-term customer relationships through our reliable products. Our staff is our greatest asset and their core competencies together is the foundation of our business and create our broad knowledge base.



We produce, maintain and renovate your machine tools. With our employees broad expertise we can finalize projects and operations that few others can execute. We work in compact teams close to you as our client to be able to customize, develope and optimize your production.


During 2004 Storebro Machine Tools AB and SMT Machine AB became sister companies and today we are the only manufacturer of CNC-Lathes in Sweden. Storebro have produced all components to SMTs CNC-lathes and FMS-Cells for the last 10 years, with the merger the technology of both companies increased.


Storebro and SMT are the only two Swedish Lathe-brands with their head quarters in Sweden. STOREBRO can perform unique customizations quickly and correctly because of the short distances between construction, production and service in the organization.


The STM program is a complete lathe system based on STOREBROs expertise and accumulated experience of thousands of deliveries. We construct our machines from years of knowledge and proven structures, every machine are built to remain competitive and retain precision year after year. Guidways for saddle, tailstock and cross slide is made of hardened and grounded steel for reliable operations and a long life.


Teach in CNC-lathe

STM2000 & 2500

CNC-Lathe, 45 degrees slant bed with a structure of welded steel.

STM4000 & 6000

CNC-Lathe, 45 degrees slant bed with a structure of cast iron.


Deephole borer used primarily for holes that require a deep and accurate center drilling.


Welded section built CNC-lathe with great customize opportunities.


We also construct machines after your needs - we have built special machines to cell-phones producers to package machines.

Customize your machine. Our additional options:

Steady rests - Bar feeder - Robot interface - Gantry loader - Pallet system - C-axis - Subspindle - Automatic doors - Y-Axis - Part catcher - Work piece and tool measurement - High pressure coolant


We always have a lot of different used machines for sale. We collect our ads at Machine Seeker. Press the button and you will directly be sent to our ad-page.



At our warehouse we provide 95% of the spare parts for our STOREBRO-lathes in production worldwide. Our aim is to keep your downtime as low as possible.


Service and maintenance is essential for high reliability in a machine. We got short distances between construction, production and service which enable quick and correct service.


When you buy a STOREBRO-machine we always offer your operators all the knowledge they need to make the implantation of the machine to your production as easy as possible.


Annual examination and measuring of the machine will keep it in top condition, and enable preparations for major maintenance before possible downtime occurs.


Service and maintenance is essential for high reliability in a machine. The purpose of the service contract is to satisfy both new and existing customers in a rational way. 


Engine failure, sudden shutdowns, or unexpected event? If you need emergency assistance, we offer support, 24H all year around. EMERGENCY NUMBER: +46 725-01 11 41

SINCE 1728

The 9th of December 1728 Wilhelm Mauritz Pauli, Karl Magnus Silfverhielm and Gustaf Oxenstierna were granted to erect a helve hammer with two hearths in STOREBRO. This became the starting point for ”STOREBRO Bruk”.

The company grew successfully during the 18th and 19th century and new branches were added to the present business. In the beginning of 1900 STORBRO Bruk had a foundry, a mechanical workshop, a sulphate production unit and an alcohol production unit. In 1910 STOREBRO Bruk started to manufacture lathes for the metal working industry. The lathes were a great success during the years of the first world war, as lathes for manufacturing projectiles were produced in large numbers. During the 1940s a small production unit for boat was started. This business turned out to be successful and showed a significant growth over the years to come. The luxuriously equipped boats from STOREBRO are well known quality products today.

In 1985 STOREBRO parted the production of machines and boats in two companies. The machine tool business was named ”STOREBRO MACHINE TOOLS”, later the name was shortened to ”STOREBRO MACHINE”. In the autumn of year 2000 STOREBRO MACHINE were merged with another Swedish machine builder. Engineering and manufacturing operation were moved to the city Varberg south of Gothenburg at the Swedish west coast . The business is since focused mainly on CNC-controlled machine tools. The company name was changed back to ”STOREBRO Machine Tools” as it describes exactly what we do.

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